Farts and Giggles

Sometimes I truly enjoy taking care of Dad. He needs everything done slowly, carefully, and gently. Despite the cacophony of beeping bed alarms and wailing residents, taking care of Dad is oddly calming.

It’s kind of strange to be so familiar with the staff and the residents at the nursing home. It’s like Cheers when Norm walks in. As soon as I pull the door open, I wave to the receptionist. Walking down the hall, I nod to three or four residents who have nothing to do but sit in the hall and people watch. They usually nod or smile back. Entering my dad’s room, I greet Dad. He says, “Oh, hi Christine!” I greet his roomies. The roommate with the bed by the window shoots me a cranky, “Who are you?” When I tell him my name, he recognizes me, breaks into a grin and asks me how me and my parents are doing. This whole thing happens every single day.

Cranky roomie accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) shot a fart in the nurse’s face while she was changing his diaper today. Judging from the giggles coming from his side of the room, it was definitely the highlight of his day. Unfortunately for the nurse, it came out sounding … wet. And judging from the nurses reaction, she doesn’t get paid enough.

Mom’s been busily preparing things around the house so that we can bring Dad home soon, so I’ve been taking care of Dad at the nursing home for part of the day. As a result, the van extravaganza hasn’t happened, but I’ve been able to get a little van work done here and there. Here are photos of the progress.

outlining the sink for the countertop

countertop with hole for sink

Experienced wood workers will notice the ugly burn marks in the corners. I guess I’m not so handy with a jig saw yet. It actually started to smoke and I think I was about five seconds away from starting a fire. Who knew you should have a fire extinguisher ready when cutting wood?

Jef and I (mostly Jef) put one final hole in Gypsy’s floor for the grey water line. Jef got to use the nifty step drill bits that I got at Harbor Freight a few weeks ago. I’m a little jealous.

grey water line under the van

grey water line going through the floor

 Hose clamps should keep the hose from shifting during our travels.

holding the grey water line in place

We had a little visitor today (the cat). The guy in yellow is my cousin, who is staying with us for a while.

cat rolling around

cat checking out the van

cat wondering why I'm crawling around under the van

Not to be upstaged by her mortal enemy, here’s Sake (and me) down for the count.

me and Sake sleeping